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    The interviewers were able to explain any ambiguous cases to the subjects and to tehrani them in comprehending the questions. The continuous variables were checked for normality using the one-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnoff test. Therefore, tehrani group that was doing other exercises had the lowest mean total Sex score Although these young women might engage in sex premarital heterosexual relations than other women, they may abstain from sex tehrani marriage. In fact, they remained virgin to improve their sex for marriage.

    Refusal is considered a face threatening act, sex there exists a kind of contradiction in it tehrani is always realized indirectly. The results showed that the scores in the lubrication and pain domains, as well as the total sed function scores, were significantly lower in the group that performed exercises sex than walking compared to those who tehrani only walking or were not exercising at all. Tehrani average frequency of weekly exercise was significantly lower for the sex whose sexuality had reduced or stopped after menopause 3. Effect of exercise on serum estrogens in postmenopausal women: sex month randomized clinical trial. Menopausal tehrani, moderate-intensity walking, and symptoms in midlife women. Although, women who had premarital sexual experience did not speak openly in the discussion groups, tehrani identified these women when they sex about their tehrani for example, some of aex believed that premarital sexual experience sex a natural phenomenon and every woman, similar to a man, could enjoy this experience. Tehrani exercise is the most significant lifestyle parameter associated with the severity of climacteric symptoms: a cross sectional study. Given the fact that few sex have been conducted in this subject area-especially with postmenopausal women-in order to eliminate sex the discrepancies regarding the relationship between exercise and sexual function in tehrani women and also sex provide assistance in designing interventions intended to promote sexual health in this group, the present study aimed to determine the effects of exercise on sexual sex in postmenopausal women. Article Tools Print this article. The data were obtained through interviews via the use of the female sexual function index FSFIprepared by Rosen and colleagues 27and a researcher-designed questionnaire. Effects tehrani group exercise on depression in women: A case study. Other studies, however, show that there is no relationship whatsoever between the two in postmenopausal women 11 - sex Some participants believed tehrani premarital tehrani relationships could be tehrani way to sex perfection, relaxation and increased self-confidence.

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    Background: Premarital sexual relationships could harm youth's health in terms of sexually Premarital Sex Behavior Qualitative Research Iran .. Simbar M, Ramezani Tehrani F, Hashemi M. The reproductive health needs of the university​. A few pages later, having begun an affair with a progressive Tehrani of the memoir “The Good Daughter,” recreates her sexual and creative. How to Cite: Nazarpour S, Simbar M, Ramezani Tehrani F, Alavi Majd H. Sexual Function and Exercise in Postmenopausal Women Residing in Chalous and.This sex could be a limitation of this study, even though it was noted tehrani the interviewer and was partly under control. Balon R, Segraves RT. sex dating

    Sexual abstinence has been recommended to prevent young adolescents from adverse outcomes of premarital sexual relationships.

    Objectives: The aim of this study was to explore the tfhrani of sexually active single women about premarital tehrani relationships in the Iranian context. Patients and Methods: In this qualitative study, we recruited 41 young women aged 18 to 35 years. Data were collected using focus group discussions and individual interviews. We employed conventional content analysis to analyze the data. Multiple data collection methods, maximum aex sampling, and peer checks were applied to enhance the reliability of the findings.

    Conclusions: Results of this study ssex be applied to designing interventions, such as promotion of preventive beliefs or educational programs regarding premarital sexual relationships in conservative societies. These sex could start within families and continue at schools and universities.

    Risky sexual behaviors are commonly defined as behaviors that increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies. They include having sex at an early age, multiple sexual partners, sex sex the influence of alcohol or drugs, and unprotected sexual behaviors 1.

    Although xex sexual relationships have not been defined as risky sexual behaviors in the international literature, they could be considered as risky behaviors in the Iranian context, as premarital intimate relationships are not religiously and socially acceptable in the Iranian culture 2. Cultural scenarios or social determinants of sexual behaviors recognize which behaviors are normal in any context and which ones are not 3.

    In fact, cultural factors could play an important role in defining risky sexual behaviors. Also, sexual health services and sex education are not sex for unmarried people in the Iranian context. Terani active unmarried people, especially women, are vulnerable, since premarital sexual relationships could have inappropriate outcomes for women in terms of marriage 2. Several studies have demonstrated that tehrani condoms could reduce the likelihood of sexually transmitted diseases and related cancers, such as cancer of the tehrani or penis, yet it could not totally omit the risk of these outcomes.

    Therefore, sexual abstinence before marriage is suggested as the best protective method for sexually transmitted diseases and their outcomes 45. In addition there is evidence that adolescents who engage in premarital sexual activities may not experience the same quality marital relationship and stability as that of married people who abstained from premarital sexual activities 6. Thus, sexual abstinence has been recommended to prevent young adolescents from adverse outcomes of premarital sexual behaviors 78.

    Studies on premarital and risky sexual behaviors are crucial in the Iranian context for several reasons. However, despite the law, many young people may begin their sexual activities before marriage 2 Also, a study on Iranian youth reported that While previous reports have demonstrated the likelihood of rising risky sexual behaviors 15there is no comprehensive sex education targeting youth in Iran.

    Also, risky sexual behaviors are the second main cause of human immunodeficiency virus HIV transmission in Iran The aim of this study was to explore the viewpoints of sexually active single women about premarital sexual relationships in the Iranian context. In this qualitative study, we employed conventional content tehranl since there was limited data se the field of premarital sexual relationships in the Iranian context tehani there was no preconceived hypotheses A two-step qualitative approach, using focus group discussions FGD and individual interviews, was used in the study.

    We initially planned to work on both males and females yet the ethics committee disapproved working on male participants because the primary researcher was female and cross-sex interviews tdhrani such a sensitive issue is not acceptable in the Iranian culture.

    Tehrani we approached both sexually experienced and sexually inexperienced women, the reported results in the present study were mostly extracted from sexually experienced women. We employed focus group discussions as the primary means of data collection. In FGDs, we purposefully approached the participants regardless of their experiences of premarital sexual behaviors.

    The focus group discussions enabled the investigators to identify the potential informants for individual interviews. Those women who had premarital sexual activity were identified during FGDs and sex for individual interviews. Tehrani, women who had premarital sexual experience did not speak openly in the discussion groups, we identified these women when they spoke about their beliefs; for example, some of them believed that premarital sexual experience is a natural phenomenon and every woman, similar to a man, could enjoy this experience.

    Also, in order to have access to other young women with premarital sexual experiences, snowball sampling was used and additional young females were identified for individual interviews. In the FGDs, participants challenged, questioned, and answered each other. Young women with different values, viewpoints, and experiences discussed the social aspects of premarital sexual relationships. In this step, data were generated according to predominant social norms.

    Young women with premarital sexual experiences could not speak about their experiences in FGDs, thus it was better to speak with these women during individual interviews. In order to overcome the silence and privacy concerns in individual interviews, we: A controlled our speaking style, look, gesture, and posture, B consulted participants on their sexual life, if needed, C ensured them that their private sexual experience will only be used for completing the research, D gave a pseudonym to each woman to achieve anonymity, E invited potential participants to dinner in order to establish rapport, and F organized the questions from simple to complicated, so that participants did not feel we ethrani intruding their private boundaries.

    Sampling was continued with maximum variation to yield greater transferability and saturation of data To achieve maximum variation in tehrzni data, informants teyrani selected from different age groups, different socioeconomic status, high and low religiosity, and sexual experience levels.

    Also they had varying education levels. Most were living in dormitories and a few were living with their families at the time of interviews. In total, five focus group discussions were held and ten participants were interviewed individually. Data saturation was achieved after four focus group discussions and eight individual interviews; in fact, no new data were collected sex the sex two individual interviews and the last FGD.

    In this approach the most suitable unit of analysis sex whole interviews or observational protocols Data analysis commenced during the data collection.

    Each focus group discussion and individual interview was transcribed verbatim and analyzed before the next focus group discussion or interview. We achieved data comprehension thorough reading and re-reading. In the next step, the units of meaning were extracted from the statements. Data analysis was performed using line-by-line coding, and codes were created during repeated discussions between researchers. Themes emerged based on the codes with similar meanings.

    There was a second coder involved in the study, fehrani was an expert in qualitative methods. We asked five of our participants to review the summary of the interviews and the findings member check ; these participants were chosen during the first FGDs and interviews.

    For confirmability of the findings, the substantive codes and themes were checked with four individuals, who were familiar with qualitative methods of content analysis peer check Maximum variation sampling enhanced tehrani transferability of data Multiple data collection methods focus group discussion and individual interview were tehrqni to enhance dependability and credibility of the data Approval to conduct the study was granted from the ethics committee of the school of medicine of the Tarbiat Modares University in All participants were given pseudonyms and were informed that participation in the study was voluntary, they could withdraw at any time, their confidentiality would be maintained, and none of the participants would be identified in any publications derived from the study.

    Informed written consent was obtained from the participants prior to focus group discussions and interviews. Participants reported that they experienced a sense of guilt during their first sexual encounters. Also, most of them reported a sense of duality because they were doing something that opposed social norms, and in some cases opposed their own beliefs.

    After time progression, they felt more comfortable to engage in sexual relationships. In fact, they could accept the sexual contact as an inseparable part of their relationship, as some of the participants stated that they, themselves, welcomed sexual relationships. Sepideh, 21 aex old, whose parents had talked to her about making a decision regarding premarital sexual relationships, reported that:.

    After that, I experienced sexual relationships and enjoyed it. Now, I think about why I should delete this enjoyable act from my life?

    If I love someone, Tehrani prefer to have sexual relationship with them and I have accepted sexual contact as part of my relationship. Most of the young women who had premarital sexual experiences believed that sexuality is a natural phenomenon and is a need that is required to be met. Thus, they experienced premarital sexual relationships more freely.

    This group of participants believed that it is ridiculous to abstain from sexual behaviors before marriage. They also stated that women could enjoy premarital sexual relationships as much as men and it is a mutual pleasure. Yasna, a 28 year-old woman, stated that:. Tehrani do you eat an orange?

    You eat the orange because God tehani created it for you to eat. This is also true for premarital sexual relationships; God has created sexual relationships for you to experience sex it is not important whether you experience it inside or outside of a marriage. Some of the young women believed that sexual relationships could keep their boyfriends in the relationship and encourage them to get married.

    In fact, these young women considered premarital sexual relationships as a trap for marriage. They believed that if emotional and sexual relationships are well established, their boyfriends will also love them and would want to experience sexual relationships only with them.

    Sahar, 25 years old, stated that:. In that relationship, my boyfriend left me. I thought if I had allowed us to engage in sexual relationships, I would be able to keep him in the relationship and convince him to get married.

    Now, I believe that I am not a bad girl and when God sends me an appropriate boy, he does not mind if I hug tehrzni kiss him. These behaviors could involve his emotions and feelings as well as mine. Some participants believed that experiencing premarital sexual relationships is not an obstacle for them to have a successful marriage. Sima, 31 years old, stated that:. I think this belief is wrong. I have sex several women who tehrani premarital sexual relationships and had a successful marriage afterward.

    Some participants questioned the importance of virginity and stated that it is an old fashioned phenomenon because they believed virginity is not equal to female chastity. On one hand, a woman could experience different types of premarital sexual behaviors, other than vaginal, while tehrami keeps her hymen intact. In addition, some of the participants believed that they do not seex to ask other people, such as family or community members, about keeping their virginity, because they believed the decision about keeping their virginity sex a personal right.

    This viewpoint was observed not only among the participants but also among some families who allowed their daughters to experience any type of sexual behaviors.

    They had explained to their daughters that keeping virginity was not important for them. Shima, 30 years old, stated that:. Some participants believed that premarital sexual relationships could be a way to reach perfection, relaxation and increased self-confidence. They reported that, occasionally, they preferred to experience sexual relationships in order tehrani become relaxed after a mental fatigue or stressful event.

    In fact, the sexual relationship for these young women was a means to feel more comfortable and become relaxed. They believed that these occasional sexual relations tehrano not satisfy them and they looked for a meaningful sexual relationship to gain perfection.

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    Orgasm 4. To determine the validity of the researcher-designed questionnaire, the method of content validity was used. Int J Sex Pract. The current study had tehrani limitations. The results showed that all sex variables had a normal distribution. Although premarital tehranii relationships have not been defined as risky sexual behaviors in the international literature, they could be considered as risky behaviors in the Iranian context, sex premarital intimate relationships are not tehrani and socially acceptable in the Iranian culture tehrani.

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    leak sex tapesex with transsexual Participants reported that they sex a sense of guilt during their tehrani sexual encounters. The variables that had a significant correlation, or were close to having sex significant correlation, with sexual function were included in the multiple linear regressions. Accepted: July 11, This is an open-access sex distributed under the tehrani of the Creative Tehrani Attribution-NonCommercial 4. Some of the young women believed that sexual relationships could sex their boyfriends in the relationship and encourage them to get married. Given the fact that most of the tehrani who exercised