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    Angel Smalls waits by the roadside with her boyfriend Brad Sterling and his stepsister Ohobus Rodriguez as they embark otobuss a family road trip.

    The first stop will be dropping Angel off at her house in another city. The trio is embarrassed when Peter, Brad's dad, pulls up in an RV, but Brad and Angel make the best of it as they sneak a makeout session. Without knowing that Katya is watching, Angel lets herself get bent over the RV table so Brad can stroke and finger her meaty pussy.

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    When they arrive at Angel's house, Brad walks her out and dumps her. These waitresses were getting off their shift at work just as I was coming back from taking a leak.

    Since I wasn't there one of them thought they would be cute and try to lower their car and get it back. I zex her red handed and demanded to get out of my truck immediately.

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