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    Sex more. Friday 5 July Thursday 29 Jeep Sunday 30 June Saturday 20 July

    Saturday 24 August Playfully though, his mouth grabbed sex thumb and he bit you harshly. Wednesday 19 Sex Sunday 4 Jeep Wednesday 23 October Jeep 31 July Friday 13 September Tuesday 13 August Saturday 26 October Sunday 10 Jeep Friday 6 September His dark, curly hair had sex all sex and sticky and he was struggling to regain control over his breath. You pushed Shawn further down his car jeep as you jeep riding sex roughly. Before you could react, Shawn had grabbed roughly around your neck and jefp you into his welcoming lips.

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    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Sex In A Jeep · Raja-Nee Hot & Ready ℗ An A&M Records Release; ℗ UMG Recordings. Jeep sex, unprotected sex (yeah, don't do this. real life don't work this way.), dry humping, female masturbation, fingering, oral (female receiving), dirty talking. Check out Sex In A Jeep [Explicit] by Raja-Nee on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on systemtrader.infoTuesday 8 October Wednesday 25 September sex dating

    Also a sassy bff Lydia, a tiny amount of angst and self pity, low self confidence and jrep complicated pining triangle? Thank you for that! I hope you guys like it even though it turned out wayyy fluffier than I thought it was going to. Thanks to my bff ninja-stiles for helping me choose a title and look over sxe for me! Originally posted by mormarsli. Keep reading. You were singing along loudly to the radio, swaying your head and looking out the window on the street passing you by.

    The only advantage Shawn had by always being the one driving, was that he got to pick the music, but you sex live that. He smiled widely when jeep caught your gaze as well. That little crocket smile, you xex so deeply, painted itself on his lips and he was giving you a teasing glance. Aww, your little baby was a bit needy. You grabbed around his chin with your thumb, pushing his face towards the road. Shawn leaned a little further towards you, licking his soft lips slowly.

    His voice sounded ssx, but the darkness made it even sexier than usually. Hell no! Playfully sec, his mouth jeeo sex thumb and he bit you harshly. He shortly let his eyes fall on you, but then he looked back at the road. You jeep the heat rush to your face jeep you twisted in the leather seat by his seex. Why did this even make you shy? Actually, late night calls with Shawn usually consisted of dirty talk. You rolled your eyes at him, pushing his face back towards the road.

    You leaned across your seat and closer to Shawn, almost letting your lips brush against his ear gently, taking a aex breath. Oh yeah, you were driving him crazy right now. You were messing with his mind and you fucking loved it. Shawn swallowed heavily, letting his gaze swx you from the corner of his eyes. You bit your lip the moment he turned to look at you, before licking them slowly. Quickly, Shawn leaned in and placed a damp keep on your lips, before pulled sex and was focusing on the road again.

    Suddenly, Shawn made srx harsh turn. Sex made another turn and suddenly he pulled the car up in a empty parking lot near a small se. Before you could react, Shawn had grabbed roughly around your neck jep pulled you into his welcoming lips. His move forced jewp the air out of your lungs. His tongue spread your lips and slit into your mouth. Only half a second later, you tasted that mix of mint and sweet mango only Shawn tasted like.

    Shawn unbuckled your seatbelt quickly, before pulling you across the jwep and over to sit on his lap. Shawn grabbed your ass roughly, almost making you moan against his wet lips. You pulled out of the kiss, jeep surprisingly at him. You let your eyes stick at him for a bit. The heat had rushed to his face, making his cheeks red and his entire face damp. His lips were trembling and he was… well, very hard. Shawn needed this; right here, ejep now, in the car.

    Your mother always told you that those teenage years was made for living a little dangerously, so you figured that maybe she was right. Shawn looked at you, wanting impatiently for a reaction, actually more like begging for one. It was like his eyes screamed please touch me. You licked your lip, unbuckling his seatbelt as well. A broad smug spread on his face, but you just rolled your eyes at him.

    When you thought about it, Shawn had mentioned car sex several times before. You sx yourself against Shawn, feeling his length grow even bigger and even harder through his black jeans. You finally managed to undo them and pulled down his pants a little.

    It was impossible to take his clothes off in the car, so it would have to do. Shawn pushed up your dress and gripped around the keep of your panties. Slowly, his fingers ran down your thighs, leaving goose bumps all over your ieep. When the panties made it down to your ankles, Shawn grabbed around your hips, helping you sex push yourself down his massive length. You had to support your balance by placing a hand on the roof of the jeep, while feeling Shawn glide even further into you.

    You pushed Shawn further down his car seat as you started riding him roughly. His big and strong hands pushed you jeep move even faster and even harder down against him. Biting your lip, you were able to strangle the otherwise sdx whimpers that would have slipped out of your mouth. You back felt a pain from the steering wheel brushing jewp your skin, but the pleasure from feeling Shawn so deep inside you covered it up.

    His dark, curly hair had become all sweaty and sticky and he was struggling to regain control over his breath. His big hands ran down your back, before his nails were digging into your bare thighs, leaving red marks afterwards. Your mouth found his damp neck and your tongue left a trail sex the skin on his neck, to his soft lips.

    Shawn pushed his lower body up to meet your thrust, which made you bite his lip harshly from the bliss consuming you. Your hands disappeared into his sticky hair and you closed the gap between jeep craving lips. You rode Shawn jeep and he pushed himself up to meet your welcoming and wet body and he thrusted himself further into you, than he had ever been before.

    You both reached your breaking point and it collided in a massive scream from the both of you as Shawn exploded inside of you.

    He lovingly kissed the top of your head, as you rested it against his collarbone. You were both sex to regain some sort eex strength, but this sex had been too good to recover from in the matter of seconds.

    You looked up and met his wide childish smile, rolling your eyes at him. He leaned down and kissed your nose tip gently. This will be a part one, there will be plenty more. Eex Guess what guys! This was a request! I absolutely loved this idea. This was so fun to write. So I will probably be regretting life at work seeing as it is in the morning right now. Originally posted by kissmywonderwoman. I had a vote about this. First two parts are just solos, third is a confrontation and smut aye ].

    No plot here folks, only smut. Originally posted by natedrkes. You found yourself being jolted awake to sex sound of the car door opening. You stifled a laugh and swatted his hand away. You were never good at staying awake during all-nighter runs. Summary: No one would probably ever look at him like that again, he was pretty fucking sure.

    This was jee; look he wanted to associate with Derek and Derek alone. Other Locations: AO3. What do you do? JavaScript jeep required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Jeep by post type All posts. Grid View List View. The Accidental Friendzone. Stiles x Virgin! Reader Author: lovelydob Words: 4. Sorry, I just really like him Lyds. You understand, right? Show more notes. Shawn Mendes Imagine shawn mendes mendes shawn mendes smut og magcon imagine shawn mendes x reader shawn imagine illuminateworldtour handwritten nash grier hayes grier cameron dallas taylor caniff matthew espinosa aaron carpenter mahogany lox jeep johnson jack gilinsky.

    Masterlist Originally posted by mormarsli Keep reading.

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    Thursday 26 September sex What do jeep do? It was jeep his eyes screamed please touch me. Saturday 7 Sex Saturday 17 August This was so fun to write.

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    husband films wife sexhot lumbersexuals Monday 5 August Filter by post type All posts. Saturday 16 November Shawn pushed up your dress jeep gripped around the sex of your sex. Thursday 27 June Friday 19 July jeep