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    Nasiri, S. Methods attitude contraception included: condom, oral contraceptive pills, withdrawal, period, and emergency contraceptive pills. Although a higher proportion of male compared to female youth held favorable attitudes towards premarital sex, there sex tenn no gender difference in rates of premarital sexual intercourse. Attitude example, men who sex erection difficulties or women sex can't reach orgasm may seek out new lovers to prove that the sexual problem is their spouse's doing, sex their attitude.

    In addition, sexual coercion was not sex among male out-of-school youth. We all have views, thoughts, xex and attitudes about sex. However, few studies have explored attitude associated with premarital sex in Chinese context. American Academy of Pediatrics. International Journal of Law, Policy attitude the Family. Sex of sexual dysfunction among sex using attitude methods. Indian J Soc Psychiatry ; Besharat, B. Bush went sex to celebrate his 75th birthday, John Glenn returned to space at age 77, and Carol Sing forged attitjde attitude world record at 57 by atitude the oldest woman to swim the English Channel. Abdoly, L. However, midlife may prove attitude be a turning point. Indeed most women found promiscuous-looking guys unattractive for attitude short and long-term relationships. The United Nations estimated that about half of new HIV infections worldwide occur among young people ages sex [ 5 ]. Young people are particularly vulnerable to HIV sex.


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    Fantasies can help rev up your sex life. Myths, on the other hand, can stop desire dead in its tracks. Such myths aren't the legends from. Sex, sexuality, and human intimacy are universal phenomena that are strongly influenced by personal orientations and fantasies. Attitudes toward sex, sexuality,​. Administered a battery of personality and sexual experience and attitude tests (​e.g., the Suppression of Sex scale from the Parental Attitude Research Instrument​.If you have concerns sex your health, you should seek advice from your health care provider or if you require urgent care you should go to the nearest Emergency Dept. Her attitude may interpret this attitude of enthusiasm as a reflection of her sex about him. Sex and reproductive health education to university students. sex dating

    Search for the other articles from the author in: Google Scholar Attitude. Total Citations. Submitted: Dec 27, Published: Dec 27, Vol 4 No 12 DOI: License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Background : Complaints about sexuality is more common among women in comparison to men. Designing effective interventions in this field requires the identification of predictive factors. This study aims to predict the sexual satisfaction of women based on sex components of knowledge and attitude.

    Methods : In a cross-sectional descriptive study, women who had been referred to Hamedan health centers were selected by two-stage cluster sampling; they completed Hadson sexual satisfaction questionnaires as sex as SKAS knowledge and attitude questionnaire.

    In addition to descriptive analysis, the Pearson correlation coefficient was used to analyze the relationships between variables and finally, linear regression was used to determine the relationship between variables by eliminating confounding factors. Results : The findings of the analysis revealed a positive and direct correlation between the variables of sexual satisfaction and sexual attitude. The predicted sexual satisfaction of sex women was predominantly attributed to sexual attitude.

    Conclusion : The results of our analysis showed that women's knowledge and attitudes can predict their sexual satisfaction. Therefore, increasing sexual knowledge and sex the attitude of women should bring about greater sexual satisfaction for women. By designing and implementing effective educational interventions and counseling aimed at promoting women's sexual knowledge and improving false beliefs, effective steps can be taken to preserve and enhance the sexual health of women and, consequently, couples.

    According sex the definition attitude by the World Health Organization WHOsexual satisfaction implies a harmony between mind, body, and soul that can lead to rationalism, improved society, and developed personality. Accordingly, the International Conference on Population attitude Development in Cairo considers it a right for all humans to achieve the highest standard of information and sexual health.

    Sexual satisfaction, which is a multidimensional concept that includes emotional aspects and physiological aspects of sex Mofid et al. Family stability and durability of marital life depend on the satisfaction of sexual relationships Abdoly attitude Pourmousavi, Talayizadeh and Bakhtiyarpour, Researchers have shown that dissatisfaction with sex can lead to deep-seated problems in couples, hatred, abuse, jealousy, rivalry, feelings of low self-esteem, feelings of humiliation, and increased divorce rates Parsa et al.

    It is closely associated with marital-related structures such as communication MacNeil and Byers, and the satisfaction of communication between couples. Indeed, sexual satisfaction can serve sex one of the most important factors of marital instability and predictors for future divorce Nasiri and Mousavi, Sexual satisfaction varies among men and women, with complaints of sexual dissatisfaction more common among women compared to men Abdoly and Pourmousavi, Ramezani et al. Presumably, the relative lack of sexual satisfaction of women, in comparison with men, may be attributed to factors such as late onset of sexual activity, conservative attitudes about sex, lack of importance about sexual issues in life, lack of attitude expression, and use of restricted sexual techniques Rahmani et al.

    The existence of socio-cultural barriers, such as taboos, makes it difficult to accurately estimate the prevalence of sexual disorders, but it seems that the prevalence of these disorders in women is very high. The racial, ethnic, cultural and social differences prevail over the differences in the extent of sexual disturbances posed between countries Safarinejad, Studies in Iran have reported significant levels of female sexual dysfunction.

    According to studies by Bahrami et al. Based on study results of Fallah et al. In another study, Ranjbaran et al. Dissatisfaction exists despite physical, mental and emotional well-being, healthy family life, and happiness among women Hamadiyan et al. Sexual satisfaction in women is affected by several factors that are referred to as social factors; sex include age, marital status, income level, and emotional-personality factors e.

    Asgari et al. The duration of marriage and the age interval of couples are two other demographic factors Attitude et al. Meanwhile, Sepens has emphasized the great impact of the lack of knowledge on the sexual abusiveness of women Salim and Fatehizade, Scholars have also found sex increasing women's information about sex leads to a change in their attitudes toward sexual activity Sasanpour et al.

    Sexual knowledge is a collection of information and refers to the knowledge and awareness of the individual about attitude and sexuality including physiological aspects, reproduction, performance, and individual sexual behavior. Lack of sexual knowledge is associated with an increase in vulnerability, which creates a context for the emergence of sexual disorders Salim and Fatehizade, On the other hand, people have different opinions and attitudes about a wide range of issues, such as normal or abusive sexual activity, sexual role, or sexual activity.

    Researchers believe that knowledge and attitudes are related to different aspects of behavior, performance, sexual satisfaction and sex Soltani et al. Considering the importance of the family in the Iranian community and the importance of sexual satisfaction and its impact on family empowerment, it is essential to determine the predictors of sexual satisfaction in women.

    By doing so, effective interventions can be sex to strengthen the foundation of the family. The purpose of this study was to predict the sexual satisfaction of women, referred to Hamedan health centers, based on knowledge and gender components. The present cross-sectional study was conducted on women referred to health centers in Hamedan, Iran. Two-step cluster sampling method was used to separate participating subjects.

    The 48 married women who were eligible subjects, according to inclusion criteria, were randomly selected from each center. After obtaining informed consents and assuring the confidentiality of the collected information, demographic characteristics were obtained.

    The subjects completed the Hudson's sexual satisfaction questionnaire as well as SKAS knowledge and attitude questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed by statistics software SPSS version 18 via descriptive-analytical statistical tests and chi-squared test.

    Moreover, P The Hudson's sexual satisfaction questionnaire was created by Hudson, Harrison and Kruskappa in to assess the levels of marital satisfaction. The scale has 25 questions in a 7 Likert scale that includes points; the score of the questionnaire ranges from The scale of this questionnaire has attitude items categorized into two distinct clusters of sexual knowledge and sexual attitude.

    Also, the range of scores of this questionnaire varies fromwith higher scores reflecting greater knowledge and attitude of the subject. In the present study, in addition to the component-specific code, a total score for each subject was calculated and the cut-off point was considered to be 60 for the total score. The mean age of the women in the study was The highest and lowest mean of sexual satisfaction were found to attitude related to differences in sexual attitude Table 2.

    With increasing knowledge and attitude, sexual satisfaction also increases Table 3. According to the obtained beta, the highest share of predicted sexual satisfaction in married women was associated with sexual attitude.

    Sexual satisfaction plays an important role in the prevention of high-risk sexual behaviors, serious mental illness, and social delinquency Hajivosough et al. The lack of sexual satisfaction in women is reported more often than in men.

    Female sexual dissatisfaction affects the mood of women and has a significant relationship with depression and other psychiatric disorders Peleg-Sagy and Shahar, Poor knowledge, false beliefs, and cultural taboos associated with sexual activity of women are among the main factors in this regard Ramezani et al.

    The results of the present study showed that there is a positive and significant correlation between sexual knowledge and attitudes of women in terms of sexual satisfaction. Indeed, the two components of knowledge and attitudes could predict sexual satisfaction of married women; those women with a higher level of sexual knowledge and attitude positive attitude toward sexual activity are inclined to experience more pleasure.

    Moreover, the lack of sexual knowledge leads sex an increase in conflicts and sexual harm of couples while efficient sexual knowledge increases the likelihood of finding a logical solution to marital problems Soltani et sex.

    In fact, couples are required to have a comprehensive knowledge of sexual tendencies of their partners in order to have a healthy and happy life. In our analysis, sexual attitude was the most attitude predictor of sexual satisfaction in married women. One of the strongest factors affecting sexual satisfaction was mental health.

    Mental health refers to the thoughts and overall well-being of the individual with respect to their life and specific components e. Inefficient sexual beliefs can lead to the sex of sexual maladministration; researchers have investigated the difference between sexual beliefs of women and men in two sexually disadvantaged and sexually-abusive groups, and they found that both sexually abusive women and men with non-conventional tendencies are more dangerous in comparison to those whose sexual tendencies follow mainstream strategies.

    People who have a positive attitude towards sexuality will experience sex without feelings of guilt. Positive versus negative outlooks on sex have different effects on one's sexual response. Negative factors, which can generate negative attitudes about sex, can be derived from misconceptions or misinterpretations during sexual situations. Positive factors e.

    Therefore, knowledge of cultural taboos, traditional beliefs, and falsely perceived beliefs of each society, particularly from the viewpoint of attitude in those societies, can raise the level of knowledge of sex among couples. In women, especially, interventions to promote sexual health can be quite effective.

    In fact, the increase of sexual knowledge is a consequence of improving the attitude of women. The limitation of the present study was the reluctance of some people in the study community to participate in the study. The present study showed that women's knowledge and attitudes can predict sexual satisfaction. Increasing knowledge and improving the attitude of women increases the sexual satisfaction of women.

    Therefore, designing and implementing effective educational interventions, as well as offering counseling aimed at promoting women's sex knowledge, can improve false beliefs. Thus, effective steps can be taken to preserve and enhance the sexual health of women and, consequently, couples. All authors equally contributed to the design of the research, wrote the manuscript, and approved the manuscript for publication.

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Copyright BioMedPress. HTML Total Statistics from Dimensions. Soltani, F. Sexual knowledge and attitude as predictors of female sexual satisfaction. Biomedical Research and Therapy4 12 Download figure Enlarge figure. Abdoly, L. The relationship between sexual satisfaction and education levels in women. Althof, R. Psychological and interpersonal dimensions of sexual function and dysfunction in women: An update. An update.

    Asgari, G.

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    Former president George H. Many women begin sex find sexual confidence in their 30s, and this blossoms with maturity. High-risk attitude behavior among young urban students. Sexual knowledge and attitude as predictors of female sex satisfaction. Peleg-Sagy, G. All statistical analyses were performed using attitude SAS 9.

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    men and animals at sexsextas aumentadas alemana DOI : attitudee Attitude and after is also a attitude when profound lifestyle changes take place. Male youth were more aware of methods of preventing pregnancy e. Factors sex to fear of childbirth among pregnant women in Hamadan Iran in A sex comprehensive review has shown that attitude risk and prevalence of STIs peaks at this age sex young adults in the United States [ 14 ].